Thursday, August 13, 2009

Not another Quilt Show?

Yes... there was another quilt show. This might be the best fabric art show I've ever been to. I found it advertised in a local "free" newsprint. The Asheville Quilt Guild is great group; the show was held at the NC arboretum; over 250 quilts (some clothing and what I'd refer to as ART), 5-6 vendors and a great time, indeed. There were a few that I found outstanding;
1) A Beetles quilt (I think it won an award); the uniqueness was in the quilting. Beetle songs lyrics machine quilted in the open blocks, then the creative use of beetles printed fabric.
2) A horse pieced quilt art by a gal from Kansas and her flowers as well.
3) Many quilts that incorporated bold and liberating fabrics; (These vivacious quilt makers and the art quilt artist we saw at the Folk Art Center on the Parkway) have given me a more open mind to the use of bold colors to express myself. And then a Guild Artist that had for sale the most heavenly christian art ( I actually bought a framed fabric postcard), scriptures printed on fabric and quilted in a free form style.
3) I've not forgotten my lust for purses, so I picked up a new purse pattern the "Tulip Purse" and as well some sweet French Fabric from the FrenchConnectionFabricStore located (somewhere in NC). I don't even like purses , I typically like a small swatch, like a pocket kind of a thing that hangs about the neck. Perhaps I should design a Maryanne type pocketbook? Kind of a small, hangey down contraption. Hum.. I'll sleep on that idea.
I just must have a new design wall when we get home. Hum.. de dum.. Ken might have to add on or renovate so I can have a bigger studio. My mind is racing with ideas, I can hardly sleep at night. What has North Carolina done to me? What ever it is, I think it a good thing, I feel full of refreshing ideas,bright, flamboyant and filled with the zest for life.

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Electra said...

Hmmm, I "used to" go to quilt shows and I "used to" quilt. How things change....oh well, there's only so much time in the day!