Tuesday, August 11, 2009

NC,QOV, Fabric, and Yes.. more fabric

Fabric,More Fabric and Quilts of Valor... "is this the cutest grandson ever?"
Once you have that fabric, art sniffer thing going on in your head, it just can't be stopped. (or was it quilt fate? whatever...) As Ken and I are winding along these rich North Carolina hills, we see a Huge sign ..."Sapphire Quilt Show. this week end", and since I have such a nose for fabric (and good hubby too) we follow the sent of threads. Alas,we find the Sapphire, NC quilt show. Great stuff, some art quilts, but the highlight was the QOV (quilts of valor.www.qov.org), probably 20 of them made by Sapphire, NC Quilt folks. All made with a tender heart and lots of love for our wounded soldiers. My grandson, Matt (that's the two of us in the picture) just returned from his second tour (is Iraq considered a tourist destination, what's with the tour thing?), anyway he's back in the USA and thanks to the good lord, he won't be needing a QOV. To keep with the Quilter Tradition, I picked up a few cloth items and some lovely quilt photo art. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, we stopped at Deb's Cat Quilt Shop in Franklin, NC early that morning and just happen to find some cat fabric, just what I needed.

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