Thursday, March 24, 2011

Friday Foto/Journal Prompt

Writing about the things we Love is a snap.

Writing about the things we Hate is a snap.

The grey areas of life are the one's that keep eluding us, leaving us sometimes empty and unsure of ourselves and our place in the world. Perhaps I should really tax myself and do a Grey Area Page. Maybe another day, my brain is entirely too befuddled right now.

This is a two-fer, fotocollage challenge and journal prompt too!! The image of the little girl came from , the picture below was our challenge; I altered the image and made the journal page on the top.  Our Journal prompt last month was "What do I Love:, you can see every one's pages at

I used transparency film to  make the three small Fleur de lis in the upper left of my Journal Page.  Amy at "Butterscape"  has been tantalizing us with transfers and other creative topics, so the transfer thing has been heavy on my mind.   A few years back I did transfers, but have since lost (well... misplaced... its around here someplace) the film. On a thrift store trek yesterday, what did I stumble upon? 100 sheets of transparency sheets for a whole whopping $2.99. I was really pissed when they wouldn't give me my senior discount, alas old farts discount is on Tuesday. Let me get my math correct here, I paid  30cents a sheet!  It might not be as good as Lazertan, but it's working for this old girl. Moral to this story, check out Amy's blog and don't leave a stone unturned on your thrift store visits.


peggy gatto said...

you did a clever and original design!!!
I love it!!!!
Thanks so much for playing, I appreciate your support!!

Yvonne said...

FANTASTIC piece, Maryann!

Anjas-Artefaktotum said...

WOW love what you did with the photo. Very creative colorful and vibrant art work!
Hugs Anja

MELISA said...

This is fantastic!!!

Amy said...

yes, i do love that page.
The transparency turned out really well!
i do love it fo sho.
and thank you for the mention!
That was cool!

Silvia(Barnie) said...

Such a fantastic page, love the bright colours and your writing.

Elizabeth Golden said...

Love this piece! The image of the girl is originally from Jamie at Art-e-ology. I think it has been passed around so much people have forgotten. You made a lovely work of art with her!!