Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday Postcard "White"

The challenge this week at "Sunday Postcard" was WHITE! Think you can't be inspired by White, well think again. My mind drifted back to my childhood playing Clue, much more fun than Monopoly cause you didn't have to worry about been a land tycoon or handling money and always landing on Boardwalk with those nasty hotels. Oh well... anyway, Mrs. White just kind of jumped out from the shadows and here she is, holding the candlestick. Too bad, she's been busted. Hop on over to http://sundaypostcardart.wordpress.com/ and see what other cool stuff has been created with White! Thanks for dropping by!

1 comment:

LiveArt said...

That is sooo cool!! Love your whimsical and wonderful creation :) it's soooo brilliant!!
hugs and smiles,