Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gothic Arch Challenge "Dogs"

What a challenge for me. I love cats, not dogs! My inspiration was the "Lucky Dogs" bone that I found in a magazine, then I discovered a dog face in another magazine, and then it just started clicking along. I don't gamble, but I think four seven's is lucky when you're playing the slot machines, so... ta da... four - sevens.

I'm also working on the TGIF mingle ATC's "heart theme", 4x4 Friday "open theme" and Monday Challenge. Great fun, as well as pushing the creative envelope. Most of today was spent re-organizing my studio. New white plastic to cover my sewing cutting mats, re-organized my paints (tossing the old dried out tubes.. lots of 'em) and getting all my "cool stuff" in one box as well as putting other found objects in clear glass canning jars. I hope since they will be on display and easy to see, I will be inspired by them and not have to search for that neat STUFF. Food for thought. I enjoy the small art venue ( it's simple), but I long to return to larger pieces of work, more like 24x30 or bigger. I need to meditate on that.


Judy said...
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Judy said...

What a cute arch, I like the way you have incorporated 'lucky' into it in different ways!
Judy NZ

Rosie said...

Love your arch... and I totally sympathise with you about finding NEAT stuff! It's such a pain when you can't find the little 'extra' to finish a project, just cos you can't see it!

Silvia said...

Your dog is fantstic, love this arch.

BeanSS said...

I love it!