Thursday, February 15, 2007

Beth Moore; The Book of Daniel

Since early January I have been part of the Ruby Tuesday Women's group at North Ridge Community Church. We have begun a study of the book of Daniel; a Beth Moore Study. My journal page for March will most likely come from this study. Beth is enlightening, thought provoking and God inspired. If you yearn for a down to earth "women's" connection with God and his word, check her out at is an intense collection of scripture that holds many secrets to biblical history, life and prophesy. I am so fortunate to be a ticket holder on this ride.


Angie in AZ said...

Maryanne, each time I view your journal quilts, I'm more drawn in by them. As you continue to be the "seeker", you will indeed, by a "finder". HE promised... and he ALWAYS keeps His promises!

Hey, who is the pastor of your church? It's not a man named Sandy Mason, is it?

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Maryanne, I'm doing Beth's Daniel study with a group at my church. We also started in January. It's the second study of hers we've done. (We did the one on Paul last year.) I just love to watch her videos. She's so inspiring, and funny. Look forward to seeing the quilt. --Susan C.

Ken and Sue said...

MaryAnn I'm not very creative but I sure enjoy seeing what your creative mind does. You are wonderful.