Monday, February 5, 2007

January "Fishers of Men" Journal Quilt

So, I'm a blogger now. Who would have thought? January flew by; great times with friends,family and RVing in Arizona. My theme for this years Journal Quilt is "12 Months of Scripture". January's quilt developed from the book of Matthew; "Come follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men." Matthew 4:19. Fishers of men, interesting how this scripture keeps popping up in my life. This summer, Steve, our pastor at Driftwood this scripture in one of his sermons. As I kid, I always liked the story, but now as an adult I actually get it. Thanks Steve! I ask myself, am "I" able to use the right bait, my unique personality and as well, find common ground and be a fisher of men?
The quilt page is a collage of overdyed fabrics, paper and printed fish fabric. The scripture is printed on fabric, adhered to freezer paper and fed through my printer. A great project, I thoroughly enjoyed this months project.


farmfamily said...


I am so impressed with your quilting and scripture connection!
Shows me you are thinking!
I am proud of all the studying you do on your own and with a group. Can't wait till you are back with us!


RV Paces-Sue & Ken said...

Love your quilt piece. great blog page too. Sue

Art With Moxie said...

I am so excited about your fabric work. I love it as much as your watercolors.
I miss my friend...
Hugs, Cory