Saturday, April 2, 2011

Gone Too Soon

Gone Too Soon... No challenge, just me and the journal talking about life and loosing.   " I went though all our photographs, memories made through out the years, pictures worth a million words that bring my heart to tears...... My father gone in early prime, my brother next in line , then last my mom. And so, my wings shall visit you until my time is come." Vintage arithmetic pages, stamped and collaged, painted, colored, butterfly stamped, face painted with acrylics, colored pencil, gesso.


Mandy C said...

very poignant

Amy said...

1. I love this spread.
I am going to hit the back arrow and take another look, because
i dig it

2. I lost your email address Again because I am a retard and didn't add you to my address book.

gimme email?
here I am: