Tuesday, February 5, 2008

4x4 Friday "House"

My house is a very,very,very PINK house,two cats in the yard. For a few days I was stumped with the house challenge concept. Then... I went crazy with the theme. This is what I discovered. Great concept with room to develope.


Debby said...

I really like this piece, great work.

Rosie said...

Now that's a superbly fun & quirky piece! If that's a photo of you - I'd love to know what put the smile on your face!! I love your style... it flows! :D

BeanSS said...

So cute! I love the pink. I too was a little stumped on what to make. This is fun! Thank you for your lovely comment on my "bird houses" take care! P.S. Just where in Az are you from? I'm in Tucson. :~)

The Tattered Rose said...

I really like your work. I conveys a kind of overflowing joy!
:Trish G.